During the production period, the concept of ‘less is more’ was kept in mind. With that, a research was done on how the artist conceptualizes her future artwork. Her art has evolved from realistic portraits to a unique genre exclusive to the artist. Conclusively, the solution to the project was approached with the idea of using a neutral typeface and layout in order to bring out the delicacy and grace of her colossal art works.

Jane Lafarge Hamill is an artist who creates paintings that explore the realms beyond the dimensions of the universe we know. Her artworks scrutinize the mind and sentiments of a person when a wave of memories flash in their head. Her materials, mainly paint brushes in different sizes, play a pivotal role in her storytelling of someone’s memories. The name of this book, Jane, based on the term ‘Plain Jane’, is a biography of Jane Lafarge Hamill who seems to appear ordinary, but it tells the reader that she’s endowed with an ability to create enormous artworks; these artworks evoke diverse feelings, offering lots of room for interpretation.

Randomly picking from a set of selected artists, students were asked to come up with a book that depicts the artist’s life and artworks along with an interactive digital e-book.


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A piece of her artwork was cropped, creating a focal point in the center of the specific art piece, to attract the readers only to leave them in the dark due to the cryptic title that is Jane. The format of the book was chosen to be square, further emphasizing the concept of ‘Plain Jane’.