Truth to be told, turning the interview into an editorial design is a last-minute idea. Initially, the answers from the designer was supposed to be put in an A3 poster, but given the circumstances, the idea needed to be reconsidered. An abundant amount of time was spent on looking at different types and examples of publication design before eventually leading up to the final result.

Get off the track is an editorial design based on the quick and insightful exchange I had with graphic designer Olivia Chan. Along with her constructive feed backs is my self-reflection and things I’ve learned along the way. This is called ‘Get off the track’ because many designers including her have suggested that one should not simply cater to just one aesthetic. Getting off the track means leaving your comfort zone to explore and discover several different styles of design

Students were required to contact as designer and ask several questions about their portfolio.


interview coverinterview spread 1interview spread 2interview spread 3interview back cover


A small and compact zine came into fruition in the hue of green and beige. Parts of the title text were also modified, switching a sans-serif letter into a serif one to enforce the idea of getting off the track and leaving one's comfort zone to explore the territory beyond of one's knowledge in design.