One of the difficulties of this project was to come up with a tagline that will immediately attract one's attention. What else could be a better tagline than use a synecdoche and to support that, a popular pop culture, the infamous red pill or blue pill matrix scene, was used as a reference.

"6 ft apart or 6 ft under" is an awareness poster created to demonstrate the current state of everyone's reality; One must choose from both pills. The red pill, 6 ft apart, is as straightforward as it can get—stay six feet apart from everyone else and the blue pill, 6 ft under, is the macabre outcome of getting buried six feet under if social distancing isn't practiced.

As one of the last projects, students were initially asked to create an awareness poster. However, given the unfortunate circumstances our relentless mother nature has bequeathed on us, it was suggested that students should consider creating an awareness poster on Covid-19.

social issue postersocial issue posters


The flummoxing sight of a hand offering the viewer a blue pill, considered the blissful ignorance, hints at what may become the outcome if social distancing is not practiced. At the same time, the other pill, the red one which is considered the unpleasant truth, offers another alternative which is to practice social distancing and set yourself six feet apart from everyone else. Both choices are dreadful, but in this case, the more optimal one is stand six feet apart from everyone else.